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An ensemble piece examining the health risks involved in the fast food industry and its environmental and social consequences as well. Don Anderson is the marketing director for Mickey's fast food chain. He's the inventor of their bestselling hamburger, the Big One. Independent research has shown the presence of cow's feces in the Big One.

Faces of a Fast-Food Nation

Don is sent to Cody, Colorado, to verify if the main supplier of Mickey's beef is efficient as it appears, and the production process is up to code. During his investigation, he discovers the horrible truth behind a simple hamburger; the reality is not like it's portrayed. Don discovers what the mass production system involves, from the temp-workers like Amber to the exploitation of irregular immigrants.

It's not only the meat being crushed in the machinery, but our society.

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When an independent research in the meat patties produced in Cody, Colorado, indicates the presence of cow manure, Don is sent to the facility to investigate possible irregularities in the meatpacking production plant and also the major supplier of kettle.

Along his surveys, Don finds the truth about the process and how meat is contaminated. Meanwhile, a group of illegal Mexican immigrants arrive in Cody to work in the dirty jobs in the plant while a group of activists plot how to expose the terrible situation of the Mickey's industry. Sign In. Edit Fast Food Nation Jump to: Summaries 3 Synopsis 1.

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fast food nation youtube

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Schlosser believes that this expanding, suburbanized region of the Mountain West is an emblem of late 20th-century economic growth, and the problems that go along with that growth. This allows Schlosser to track, within a relatively small geographic area, a cross-section of society as it relates to food production. Active Themes. Independence vs. Schlosser notes that the Cheyenne Mountain Air Force Station, near the Front Range, is one of the most technologically advanced military installations in the world, hidden in the mountains, known only to select government employees with high-level security clearances.Rate this book.

Buy This Book. The fast food chains now stand atop a huge food-industrial complex that has gained control of American agriculture. Farmers and cattle ranchers are losing their independence, essentially becoming hired hands for the agribusiness giants or being forced off the land.

Family farms are now being replaced by gigantic corporate farms with absentee owners. Rural communities are losing their middle class and becoming socially stratified, divided between a small, wealthy elite and large numbers of the working poor. Small towns that seemingly belong in a Norman Rockwell painting are being turned into rural ghettos.

The hardy, independent farmers whom Thomas Jefferson considered the bedrock of American democracy are a truly vanishing breed. The United States now has more prison inmates than full-time farmers. And the same meat industry practices that endanger these workers have facilitated the introduction of deadly pathogens, such as E. Again and again, efforts to prevent the sale of tainted ground beef have been thwarted by meat industry lobbyists and their allies in Congress.

I do not mean to suggest that fast food is solely responsible for every social problem now haunting the United States. In some cases such as the malling and sprawling of the West the fast food industry has been a catalyst and a symptom of larger economic trends. In other cases such as the rise of franchising and the spread of obesity fast food has played a more central role. By tracing the diverse influences of fast food I hope to shed light not only on the workings of an important industry, but also on a distinctively American way of viewing the world.

Elitists have always looked down at fast food, criticizing how it tastes and regarding it as another tacky manifestation of American popular culture. The aesthetics of fast food are of much less concern to me than its impact upon the lives of ordinary Americans, both as workers and consumers. Fast food is heavily marketed to children and prepared by people who are barely older than children.

This is an industry that both feeds and feeds off the young. During the two years spent researching this book, I ate an enormous amount of fast food. Most of it tasted pretty good.

fast food nation youtube

That is one of the main reasons people buy fast food; it has been carefully designed to taste good. But the value meals, two-for-one deals, and free refills of soda give a distorted sense of how much fast food actually costs. The real price never appears on the menu.

Indeed, the values, the culture, and the industrial arrangements of our fast food nation are now being exported to the rest of the world. It enters the body and becomes part of the consumer. No other industry offers, both literally and figuratively, so much insight into the nature of mass consumption. Reprinted by permission of Houghton Mifflin Company.

A stunning debut novel about the forbidden union between two enslaved young men on a Deep South plantation.

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Debut Author. Write a Review. More about membership! Book Awards.People love food. People love to watch movies.

Why not combine these two passions with a good food documentary? Driven mostly by independent filmmakers, this genre has grown significantly alongside the increasing interest in how we eat and how our food is produced. Here, we break more than 30 of the best food documentaries, all of which are available right now on Netflix or iTunes.

Grab some gourmet popcorn, crack open a craft beer, and fire one up tonight. Why you should watch it: To understand the real New York, you've got to understand the city's hyper-regional bodega specialty, the chopped cheese. But when First We Feast began to peel back the layers and ask questions about its origin story—how it became so popular, and why it's so difficult to find one in lower Manhattan—we were introduced to a much deeper tale fueled by borough rivalries, hip-hop mythology, and hard-to-swallow truths, giving us a more meaningful glimpse into what makes this city tick.

Watch the movie here. Why you should watch it: If you needed a push to adopt an all-vegetable diet, this film is your moral impetus. Cowspiracy produced by Leonardo DiCapario, no less explores the claim that animal agriculture is the number one threat to the environment—even more so than fossil fuels. Why you should watch it: The bees are disappearing, and if they go, so do we. Why you should watch it: Netflix's new documentary series gives viewers an insider's look behind the kitchen doors of some of the world's top chefs.

It's worth the weekend binge-watch for anyone who wants to know the major players steering food culture. With trips to the Amazon jungle lead by Brazilian chef Alex Atala in season two, Gelb is proving his doc-series to be one for the ages.

Fast Food Nation

Watch the series here. Spoiler alert: He became the chef of what is now the two Michelin star restaurant Corton. This documentary takes a closer look at what it takes to be a successful haute chef. Why you should watch it: This documentary addresses the issue of corporate farming in America—and as you'll find out, it's a very big problem to tackle.

There are three acts, tackling industrial meat production, large-scale production of vegetables and grains, and the ways in which economic and legal power is wielded in this country to product big business. Why you should watch it: Filmmaker Byron Hurt grew up in a small, rural Georgia town, eating his mother's beloved soul-food cuisine. Although the collard greens, deep-fried chicken, and mac and cheese were delicious, Hurt saw how a diet based in salt and fat can cause long-term negative effects, as he documents how his father died of pancreatic cancer, brought on by his diet.

The 30 Best Food Documentaries That You Can Watch Right Now

Hurt spends the film positioning the cultural implications of African-American soul-food against its healthfulness and discovers what a new generation of chefs, raised on the food, can bring to making it a positive force on the communities who survive on it.

Why you should watch it: David Klein invented the Jelly Belly—and no one knows his name. Watch his story and find out why he claims that Jelly Belly ruined his life. Why should you watch it: While the problem of childhood obesity is known, many people only encounter it through non-salient statistics and figures. Corbin Billings' documentary Bite Size helps put a face to the epidemic by following four overweight American kids as they struggle to lose weight and focus on healthier eating habits.

Why you should watch it: The film focuses on the struggle of small local farms that are forced to cease operation by the government. Why you should watch it: The Court of Master Sommeliers is the organization that mandates the standards and practices all professional sommeliers recognize.

Its top title, Master Sommelier, requires a notoriously rigorous process to achieve, with less than people receiving the distinction in its plus-year existence. Watch both documentaries to draw your own conclusions. Good for: People who want to extend their knowledge of Prohibition past Boardwalk Empire.To a degree both engrossing and alarming, the story of fast food is the story of postwar America.

Though created by a handful of mavericks, the fast food industry has triggered the homogenization of our society. Fast food has hastened the malling of our landscape, widened the chasm between rich and poor, fueled an epidemic of obesity, and propelling the juggernaut of American cultural imperialism abroad.

That's a lengthy list of charges, but Eric Schlosser makes them stick with an artful mix of first-rate reportage, wry wit, and careful reasoning. Along the way, he unearths a trove of fascinating, unsettling truths - from the unholy alliance between fast food and Hollywood to the seismic changes the industry has wrought in food production, popular culture, even real estate.

He also uncovers the fast food chains' efforts to reel in the youngest, most susceptible consumers even while they hone their institutionalized exploitation of teenagers and minorities. Schlosser then turns a critical eye toward the hot topic of globalization - a phenomenon launched by fast food. Your current browser isn't compatible with SoundCloud.

Please download one of our supported browsers. Need help? Chrome Firefox Safari Internet Explorer. Something went wrong Is your network connection unstable or browser outdated? I need help.This rate is the goal, and the namesake, of the grassroots movement the Fight for Fifteen ; seven other states are phasing in such an increase, and Washington, D.

Fast-food workers—for whom the federal minimum wage is often both floor and ceiling—are among the Americans who have been deemed essential in the pandemic.

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Especially in places where indoor dining is not permitted, drive-throughs have been providing quick sustenance to everyone from doctors and nurses to Zooming workers weary of cooking. Alana Ganoe, a twenty-six-year-old who works at a Bojangles in Winchester, Virginia, says that, in order to earn enough to care for herself and her two young children, she has to clock at least fifty hours a week—many of them at night, because her kindergartner is in school remotely.

Fast-food work is stressful: chronic understaffing, hot grease, time clocks monitoring your breaks, enough unkind customers to sour a whole night. She recently left for Walmartwhere she is filling carts for online orders.

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Inthe New York-based photographer Richard Renaldi started taking pictures of fast-food workers around the country. The approach is time-consuming: it takes him about forty-five minutes of setup to get two to four images.

His subjects hold our gaze; they compel us to see the human being in the uniform. Will be used in accordance with our Privacy Policy. We should look to students to conceive of appropriate school-reopening plans.


It is not too late to ask what they really want. A pregnant pediatrician on what children need during the crisis. Meet the high-finance mogul in charge of our economic recovery. The coronavirus is likely to reshape architecture. What kinds of space are we willing to live and work in now?

Read More.The IMDb editors are anxiously awaiting these delayed movies. Check out what we'll be watching in Browse our picks. Don Anderson is the marketing director for Mickey's fast food chain. He's the inventor of their bestselling hamburger, the Big One. Independent research has shown the presence of cow's feces in the Big One. Don is sent to Cody, Colorado, to verify if the main supplier of Mickey's beef is efficient as it appears, and the production process is up to code.

During his investigation, he discovers the horrible truth behind a simple hamburger; the reality is not like it's portrayed. Don discovers what the mass production system involves, from the temp-workers like Amber to the exploitation of irregular immigrants.

It's not only the meat being crushed in the machinery, but our society. Written by 1felco. It doesn't matter that there was a boatload of stars in this film; it is the story that counts. When i saw the dude spit on the hamburger, I know I was in for trouble.

fast food nation youtube

It is sad to see how the exec sold out and just went along to protect his livelihood when he knew there was something wrong going on. The flies were so bad that you could not go out at night. This was in town! When those West Texas winds whipped across the prairies in the Summer, you knew that wasn't dirt getting in your mouth.

The conditions in the meat packing plants were true. We had them and they did have constant accidents due to pushing the lines. It is a shame that we have people risking their lives to get these kinds of jobs because it makes their lives so much better.

fast food nation youtube

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