Suzuki rm80 oil capacity

Bulletins 30 revised - Index and 1 - 5. T Transmission Repair 2. T - Increased transmission oil capacity ie. T - Swingarm pivot shaft 5. Index and Bulletins 1 - 6. GT - Cooling System 2. GT - Oil Starvation 3. GT - Crankshaft and Gear Replacement 4. GT - Starter Clutch Modification 5.

GT - Crankshaft Modifications. Index and Bulletins 1 - 7. RMM specifications 2. RM oil recommendations 3. RM Cable guides 4. RM Chain guide roller washers 5. RM Disposing of shock absorbers 6. RM Mis-engagement of 3rd gear 7. Index and Bulletins 1 - 5. Introductory notes 2. Recommended sump and metering pump oil 3. Service manual corrections and additions 4. Throttle cable adjustment procedure 5. Carburetor fuel filter.

Suzuki Motorcycle Engine Oil Chart

Bulletins 10 - Bulletins 1 - 5. Piston replacement and piston clearance specifications - all models 2. Piston ring replacement specifications 3.The Suzuki RM was a cc air-cooled, single cylinder, Two-stroke, Reed Valve motocross dirtbike motorcycle produced by Suzuki between and Max torque was Claimed horsepower was The reliable two-stroke engine produces smooth power at any rpm with an emphasis on low to mid-range performance.

The RM delivers class-leading handling for both experienced racers and rookie riders alike. The letters "RM" stand for "Racing Model" and the motorcycles produced with this prefix in their model names are suited to use in motocross racing. The RM was fitted with a 1. The bike weighed just The wheelbase was The Suzuki RM was simply a rebranded Kawasaki KX made possible by their agreement to exchange certain models.

From CycleChaos. Suzuki RM Manufacturer Suzuki. Western Power Sports. List of Suzuki motorcycles. Categories : Motocross motorcycles Suzuki motorcycles Suzuki RM series s motorcycles s motorcycles s motorcycles s motorcycles.

Namespaces Page Discussion. Views Read Edit View history. This page was last edited on 25 Julyat Service Manual.Our engine oil selector below shows you the recommended engine oil for your bike, including the capacity where possible.

Mineral oils are refined from petroleum, but even mineral oils contain some synthetic compounds or additives to improve them. Semi-synthetic oils are a blend of mineral and synthetic oils. They have definite improvements over pure mineral oils. Hydrocracked oils are mineral oils that have been subjected to intense pressure and temperature to change the structure of the molecules, making the resultant oil more stable and resistant to evaporation at higher temperatures.

Full-synthetic oils, however, are far more expensive than mineral or semi-synthetic oils. Full-synthetics are man-made oils that have been tailored to give them certain advantages like the fact that they perform better in extreme temperatures, are less likely to evaporate or thin excessively in heat, etc. Full-synthetics contain poly-alpha-olefins PAO and esters.

Esters are similar to PAOs but also help protect metal surfaces and offer good lubrication. Full-synthetic oils are expensive and, unless you are racing, not necessarily recommended for motorcycles. For the everyday rider, a semi-synthetic shear-stable 10W oil with some ester content would be a great choice. Your ideal choice of oil would be an ester semi-synthetic 10W or a 10W that is also shear-stable. The fact that the oil is shear-stable is more important than the fact that it is semi-synthetic.

Only for frequent long-distance riders would the cost of a full-synthetic oil be worth it, as it can help save on oil changes and fuel costs. By using quality but low viscosity oil, this loss can be minimised and engine power increased. For a typical bhp motorcycle, a lighter engine oil might show a 2bhp peak improvement. An oil filter removes tiny particles from the oil, helping to keep the oil fresher and work to its best ability for longer.

A new filter costs a few quid and it only takes a couple of minutes to change. With the right tools, anyone can change their engine oil in under an hour. The table below shows all the different engine oils available for four-stroke motorcycle engines.

The table has been compiled from owner reviews and ratings and manufacturer-specified oil, where applicable. Fully Synthetic.

Suzuki Oil Filter Fitment Chart

Ester-based oil to ensure maximum power output of the engine without compromising the reliability and the wear.There is a multitude of ways to remove your oil filter.

A good tap around the seal with a rubber hammer can also help break the seal. Use the right tools and use your brains not brute force. If your filter is easy to access and you can get a good purchase on it, then you can loosen it off by hand.

A cheap and commonly used tool. It pays to ensure your filter is clean before you use this tool as a dirt y filter is hard to grip. A bit of disc-brake cleaner and a cloth should do it.

If you need to get a bit more purchase you can use masking or gaffa tape around the filter or fit a couple of elastic bands. A chain tool is also a decent weapon in your oil filter removal arsenal. You wrap it around the filter and then twist it.

You can then tighten it up a link and twist again. Handy if your filter has been fitted by the Incredible Hulk at your local motorcycle dealer. Similar to the chain tool, the removal belt comes in a few different formats. Some have a metal belt not as goodothers have rubber or a nylon wave the sort of thing a seatbelt is made from. You hand tighten them and twist. Similar to the conventional socket, the three-legged socket bites into the oil filter and can be used across a range of different sizes.

So a handy tool to have if you own multiple bikes.

suzuki rm80 oil capacity

Stab a big screwdriver through your oil filter and twist it. To reduce the chances of this happening, get the screwdriver in one side and out of the other. They say a picture paints a thousand words which must mean this Youtube video paints 10, A crush washer is used to seal the sump plug and to prevent engine oil leaking out.

When I remove the sump plug, I throw the old crush washer away immediately, fit the new crush washer and then use some making tape to hold it in place. The tape also slows me down when I come to refit the sump plug and makes me double-check everything. You can buy a box of crush washers here or from this link. These days, most manufacturers source their oil filters from the same companies that produce the aftermarket ones. Cheap oil filters tend to skimp on areas that are hard to spot but can make a difference.

They can have a thinner casing, which can rip when you go to remove it and the sealing washer can be of poor quality, causing the filter to leak.My brother just bought his kid a Suzuki RM85 and we cant figure out how to check the oil. My son has a 03 RM and the check window is right behind the rear brake lever. I havent seen his 85 so im just trying to find out for him. I have 5 dirtbikes myself so Im not motorcycle illiterate.

And there isnt a dip stick on the oil cap.

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For thoughs who has one or knows let me know so I can tell him. I told him its prolly just hidden and he keeps telling me he cant find it. Remove the "oil level check bolt" put a drain pan under it so you don't get your floor dirty. Turn it off for a couple of minutes to let any residual oil drain back down to the bottom of the crankcase. Trending News. The Supreme Court was complicit in Trump's executions. How much did GOP rep exaggerate Paralympic claim?

suzuki rm80 oil capacity

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Terry D. Answer Save. Favorite Answer. On the right side of the engine clutch cover is an "oil level check bolt" It has a sealing washer on it.

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Hold the bike straight up and down as if you were sitting on it. Slowly add oil, until it starts to drain out of the bolt hole. Start and run the bike for a couple of minutes. Check the oil level again.

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Add oil till it starts to drain - wait till it stops draining - install the bolt. Still have questions? Get your answers by asking now.The RM80 is an off-road motocross-type motorcycle produced by the Japanese Suzuki Corporation from to The bikes all have roughly 80 cc of engine displacement and light frames. Each generation has its own designation, for example the version is technically known as the RM80M, and the last version in is called the RM80K1, but is more simply known as the RM Forthis small scrambler motorbike had 82 cc of displacement the volume refers to the volume of the cylinders swept by the pistons and a single cylinder.

The engine is two-stroke, which means it takes the pistons two strokes to complete an engine cycle. The bore and stroke of the engine is 1. The bore is the diameter of the engine cylinder opening and the stroke is the total distance the piston travels up and down. Compression ratio is the ratio of the volume between the piston and cylinder head before and after a compression stroke. The engine is liquid-cooled.

Suzuki RM85 Oil Change

The final drive system uses a chain to transfer power from the engine to the rear wheel and the bike has six manual gears. The RM80 has disc brakes front and rear. A disc brake is a metal disc fixed to the wheel. When force is applied through the brake lever, pads push on the disc and cause friction, slowing the wheel. The bike's suspension has telescopic forks in the front which use air and oil to dampen impact and which have Travel is the term used to describe the free vertical movement of the suspension.

The rear suspension is link-type, linked to the rear axle, with The RM80 is The seat is at a height of The fuel tank only holds 1. The front wheel itself is 17 inches in diameter and the rear wheel is 14 inches in diameter.

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suzuki rm80 oil capacity

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